About Us
We locate in Hong Kong. And we are a Taiwan Corporation, is a manufacture which specialists high-tech optoelectronic products. To meet the great demand for optoelectronic products in this information period, HI-LED has been devoting itself to the research and development of all kinds of LED (blue, green, white, full-color, super flux) since it founded in 1998.


We offer top quality products rather than good products,better than
that imaged by our Customers and competitors; now better than
before; futter than present..Perfectness is Everlasting .top quality
always goes firstin refond


  • 3528 non-waterproof LED strip
  • 3528 waterproof LED strip (IP65)
  • 5050 non-waterproof LED strip 30 LEDs
  • 5050 waterproof LED strip 30 LEDs (IP65)
  • 5050 non-waterproof LED strip 60 LEDs
  • 5050 waterproof LED strip 60 LEDs (IP65)


  • Flux LED module (Waterproof)
  • Flat Flux LED module (Waterproof)
  • Strawhat LED module (Waterproof)
  • 3528 LED module (Waterproof)
  • 5050 LED module (Waterproof)

Through Hole LED lamps

  • 5mm Flux LED
  • 3mm Round LED
  • 5mm Round LED
  • 8mm Round LED
  • 10mm Round LED
  • Oval LED
  • Strawhat LED
  • 3mm Flat LED
  • 5mm Flat LED


  • Single LED Lens
  • Triple LED Lens